Custom specific work cells

  • Rotary assembly station to clamp a gearbox vibration mount together before riveting – 1
  • Rotary riveting station to secure the terminals on a capacitor using two radial riveting machines RN 081 – 2
  • Oil pump assembly station to assemble the over pressure valve. This includes a test of the spring compression force, a cup plug electro-press and a radial riveter to secure the cup in place – 3
  • Rotary assembly machine to plastic weld a variation of end caps to medical filter cartridge – 4
  • Radial forming system with automatic air leak testing – Automotive – 5
  • Multi riveting head system with engraving station automatic door lock assembly – 6
  • Lean radial riveting machine workcell comprised of BalTec RN 181 riveter, table, fixture/slide, PLC, operator panel and safety light curtain – 7
  • Model: Custom specific