repairs & replacements

Riveting machine replacement parts 
Whether you are looking for a new motor for your riveting machine, replacement valve for your assembly equipment or a set of bearings, we have the riveting parts you need. We have the complete seal and bearing kits for all riveting machine models of the last 25 years in stock and ready for immediate shipment. 

Riveting machine repair 
Our riveting machines are so durable, many of our first models introduced in 1969 are still in use. Based on overall condition, age and inspection, our service department can often repair or rebuild various generation BalTec machines to normal operating conditions. All model riveting machines and multi-point attachments  can be sent to our facility for evaluation and refurbishing.

Replacement radial forming and orbital forming tools 
We are your source for replacement of radial forming and orbital forming tools, and we now offer quick turnaround when emergencies arise. For your convenience, we also promote blanket tool orders so we can ship your custom tools at your request. 

Our blanket riveting machine tool order features:

  • Immediate shipment of tools
  • Guaranteed pricing for blanket order periods
  • Quantity discounts
  • Reliable scheduling of your delivery need


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