Workcells & Tooling

Oil pump assembly with Electropress

BalTec (UK) Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of quality workstations for fastening processes incorporating BalTec Presses, BalTec Riveting machines and Screwdriving Technology.

We are also continually working towards improving our assembly line products and customer service to provide the best possible solutions to all industries. This goes hand-in-hand with our policy that all our customers – however big or small, new or old – are looked after with equal professionalism.

Automated Assembly Lines
Our innovative design team together with our experienced engineers are able to constantly improve on existing, proven principles, by integrating proprietary equipment with our own to give you the automated assembly solution necessary to reduce your manufacturing costs.

To complement our range of BalTec Radial Riveting machines, Press Stations and Screwdriving Technology, BalTec provides a complete tooling service built on years of know-how and experience. Designed to cater to customers’ precise specifications, this service enables us to offer fast, cost-effective turnaround to meet your most urgent volume production. For all your tooling requirements – talk to BalTec.

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Oil pump assembly with Electropress